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Mi., 20. Dez.



BroHomo Collective - "Broly Night 2.0"

1 Year BroHomo - the Broly Spirit returns!

BroHomo Collective - "Broly Night 2.0"
BroHomo Collective - "Broly Night 2.0"

Zeit & Ort

20. Dez. 2023, 19:00

Wien, Herklotzgasse, 1150 Wien, Österreich


Admission: 7 pm

Start: 7:30 pm

What if we told you that Jesus' 2023rd birthday is not the craziest party happening this Christmas? You heard right, BroHomo is celebrating their one year anniversary.

Join them as they explore the real story of what happened to Jesus Christ - the story the church never wanted you to know.

BroHomo is a viennese drag collective with a focus on awareness and representation.  The Brogenda says: The concept of masculinity first gets shredded to then be reinterpreted.

Among other things, the bros organize queer feminist drag shows, panel talks and BROpenstages for queer performers.

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