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Hawaras - Tanzen und freylach sein!

Hawaras - Tanzen und freylach sein!
Hawaras - Tanzen und freylach sein!

Zeit & Ort

03. März 2023, 19:00

Wien, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Wien, Österreich


Ever wanted to try out folk dance with a live band? Now's your chance!

We will play, you will dance.

The Hawaras are inviting you to join and dance together; from debutants  to pros, no pre-knowledge needed! We will kick off the evening with  some experienced dancers to show us all some basic movements and then  the stage will be open to everyone!!

About the Hawaras:

The  cultivation of the diverse klezmer music through its multifaceted sound  spectrum is a core concept of the Hawaras. After the band's founding in  the summer of 2022, the number of members has constantly expanded with  extremely gifted musicians. Through their inclusive playing style of  various folk tunes, one can say that their sound definitely doesn't lack  in richness. Their repertoire ranges from various jewish to gypsy and  folkloric dance music, with a mondern jazzy twist.

Nikolaus Zierotin, Violin Richard Seniow, Accordion Marko Ferlan, Bass Dima Kovalenko, Guitar

Featuring special guests: Vanja Toscano de Almeida and Viktoria Tsanava

What to expecton the 3rd of March?

A  program from klezmer to jazz - a cheerful and colorful mix of musicians  who developed their own style through their enthusiasm for different  styles of music and an interactive dance-floor for anyone!  Special  guests will be featured on stage with us and bring some wonderful  elements of music to you!

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