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Mi., 08. Juni



painted music

painted music
painted music

Zeit & Ort

08. Juni 2022, 19:30

Wien, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Wien, Österreich


painted music: improvisations in sound & color

In winter 2020/ 2021, during the hardest part of the pandemic, artist Eva Wolfram-Ertl and me got the chance to work in a huge old vacant apartment as an interim use. We decided to explore the interplay between improvised painting and music. While she was working on canvas with oil, I played the piano in the same room, facing her canvas stand and worktable. No plans, no concepts, no rules. Everything I played I recorded live with a small ZOOM recorder. In half a year 12 big paintings and 18 hours of music emerged, in an amazing process of syngergy that revealed a lot about the core of improvised art to us. The art and the music are most closely connected and independent at the same time.

The album presented on this evening contains a selection of tracks only appearing on Vinyl, all one take improvisations, with the surrounding sounds in the background – mostly Eva handling her working tools, but also birds singing outside, the garbage truck going by etc., which brings the space as an important part of the work to perception for the listener.


ruth cerha - piano

edith lettner - saxophone

paintings by eva wolfram-ertl

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