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Di., 15. Nov.



Tanantia Touteoon - Pythia Trio

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Tanantia Touteoon - Pythia Trio
Tanantia Touteoon - Pythia Trio

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15. Nov. 2022, 19:30

Wien, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Wien, Österreich


TANANTÍA TOUTÉOON is the result of the continuation of the Pythia Trio’s consistent search for radical, uncompromising, and sometimes provocative pieces of new contemporary music. For this project, composers and performers have collectively forged a performance which seeks to challenge the boundaries of musical interpretation, foregrounding the artists’ complex imagination, led by a subversive sense of humour. Expanded playing techniques, scenic movement, narration and various unexplored timbres, help transform the piano into a giant sound source. The three performers transcend the typical, one-dimensional character on stage, interlacing widely different artistic practices which result in heterogenous soundscapes and multi-sensory experimental performances, evoking both musical and extramusical elements, in order to challenge the auditory perception of the audiences. The performance title comes from the homonymous Stamatis Pasopoulos’ work and it is the last phrase of the Hippocratic Oath.

Pythia Trio

Pythia Trio (Myrto Akrivou, Iro Menegou and Thalia Papadopoulou) has a growing reputation within the contemporary music world of Greece. The team of three pianists has taken up the mission of introducing works of both young and established cutting-edge Greek and foreign composers to the performance venues, presenting and promoting the contemporary piano repertoire. The ensemble’s vision goes beyond sound, exploring space, light, movement and narratives, anything that allows for performed music to become a multidimensional creation, blurring lines between genres and art fields.

Pythia Trio was initially formed as a spillover of Lorenda Ramou's workshop "The piano in the 20th & 21st century", held at the Athens’ Conservatory. The three pianists started working together musically in 2020, after participating in the Énumérations workshop by Giorgos Apergis, under the guidance of composer Nicolas Tzortzis (Stegi Onassis, and Athens Conservatory).  In 2021, Pythia Trio presented their project "The Oath of Hippocrates" in Athens, Thessaloniki and Kalamata, commissioning seven young composers to write original music for the trio, under the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture. This year, Pythia Trio will present their new project, “TANANTIA TOUTEOON” in Cyprus, Romania, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and France, with all performances being under the auspices and financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

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