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So., 14. Mai



Weightlessness - Workshop with Almog Loven

Weightlessness - Workshop with Almog Loven
Weightlessness - Workshop with Almog Loven

Zeit & Ort

14. Mai 2023, 12:00 – 19:00

Wien, Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Wien, Österreich


What happens in W E I G H T L E  S S N E S S ?

W E I G H T L E  S S N E S S  with Almog Loven takes place throughout three days. It is  open to people from all walks of life who are lovers of movement  (teachers, yogis, dancers, martial artists, mindfulness practitioners,  athletes, therapists and movers of any sort). Dance experience is not  required.

This workshop is a practice of finding ease in  the unknown. The content takes shape upon encounter with you. When we  meet, it will be a new experience. I do my best to hold a needed space  of no comparison. Where there is no one to impress, and there is nothing  to hide. There. We start.

About Almog

Almog Loven is a professional  dancer, teacher and therapist from Israel. He holds a degree in  psychology and humanities from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where  he researched the impact of psychological flexibility on chronic pain.  He is also a senior practitioner of The Ilan Lev Method, treating and  guiding therapists around the world. Everything that Almog shares aims  to foster conditions for unapologetic honesty and natural growth in our  daily lives.

Shared by those who tried....

"Even with the  little or no experience in dance you will see, the real work of  Weightlessness is in its simplicity and its beauty in its accessibility.  Almog cuts deep with insight and creates a space that is conducive to  growth. Without judgement, he lets that growth be what you want it to  be." (Nelson Solis, Miami, USA)

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